The Institute of Cost Accountants of India

(Statutory Body under an Act of Parliament)

Unique Document Identification Number (UDIN)

Registration FAQs

Question: I am getting error "You do not seem to be a Full time Practicing Member. If you are, please check the details provided or contact Membership Department of the Institute".

Answer: Following are the reasons for this error
  • Provided details are not correct. Members are advised to enter the date of enrollment NOT date of COP. Please click on What is date of enrollment ? link on register page to know where to look for your date of enrollment.
  • Only full time practicing members can register on UDIN Portal. If you are not in full practice, you shall not be able to register.
  • You must have paid all your dues.

Question: I am getting error "You are already registered on this portal."

Answer: You may have unsuccessfully tried to register earlier. Please use Forgot Password option to retieve your password.

Question: I am getting error "You have not registered your email id with the Institute. Please update your email id with Membership Department".

Answer: An OTP is sent on Personal & Official Email-IDs of the members to complete the registration. In case none of the Email-IDs are available in membership database this error is displayed. Members can login to Membership Portal and update their Email-IDs.

Question: The message is displayed "OTP Sent. Please enter received OTP in the OTP textbox" but I have not received any OTP.

Answer: The reason behind not receiving an OTP is that your registered Email-ID is not correct. Please login to Membership Portal and update your Email-ID.


This UDIN System has been developed by The Institute of Cost Accountants of India to facilitate its members for verification and certification of the documents and for securing documents and authenticity thereof by Regulators. However, The Institute assumes no responsibility of verification and certification of document(s) carried out by the Members and the concerned member(s) shall alone be responsible therefore.