The Institute of Cost Accountants of India

(Statutory Body under an Act of Parliament)
Multipurpose Empanelment Scheme (MES)

 Instructions to fill online form (MES-1)

  • The data in A, B, Sr. No. 1, Sr No. 2, Sr. No 3 & Sr No. 7 of online application form (MES-1) is pre-filled in from Membership records. If any discrepancy found in the pre-filled data please write to the Membership Directorate.
  • All fields in online application form (MES-1) are mandatory. Please enter 0 if there is no data.
  • You would require to upload duly filled and stamped MES-2 and MES-3 forms. The files should be in PDF format and size should be upto 1MB.
  • You can preview the online application form (MES-1) before final submission and make changes if required.
  • Please ensure correctess of the data before final submission of online application form (MES-1). After final submission the data is not editable.
  • All the submitted applications will be displayed in a list on the Dashboard for download and printing.
  • Only one application can be submitted for an Empanelment Year.